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Andalusian Stallions
Azteca Stallions
Sweeet Medicine Pasqual
Combination of Romero Benitez and Vda de Terry and Francisco Lazo  
Frozen Semen for sale 
Frozen semen for sale
Destinado  Azteca D 
Frozen semen available
Reccomended breed: Breed to Andalusians, Azteca B-F or AQHA or lusitanos
Passes Temper, Body conformation (dressage and doma) and color
Recommended breed: Breed to AQHA, Azteca C, D and F 
Passes: Temper, Height and conformation 
Azteca D 
Frozen semen available 

Recommended breed: Azteca C, E, and F. Andalusian, Lusitano, AQHA
Passes: Color, conformation and mane lenght