Mares and Fillies
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Destinado Azteca D
Imported:  Mexico
Training: All basics Clinton Anderson Texas
Posterior Training: Dressage : Margaux Spitzer
DOB: 04/2/2010
Coat: Isabel
Best use: Pleasure riding, western dressage
Height: 16 hh
Best rider:  Intermediate to advanced scure riders
Azteca D Filly
Regsitered IALHA and AMCCRA
Sire: Receloso XXXV (PRE)
Dam: Such a Fancy Diva (AQH)
DOB: 25 June 2015
Coat: Cremello
Breeder: Hda Laubela
Best use: TBD
Height: TBD ~ 15 h @ maturity
Best rider: Filly ready for a secure trainer someone who wants to establish the relationship with a pleasing horse