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Andalusian Mares
Azteca Mares
Tehuana-Azteca A
Great genetics with Ofendido, Jenson, and Ufano, Agente to name a few. Yeguada Militar and Vda de Terry bring to Hacienda Laubela a foundation mare bred only in exclusivity. Herencia has the heart of a champion leaving behind several stallions. Great disposition combined with a powerful attitude and speed
Coat Genetics - Ee AA GG
Great conformation and height for an Azteca D with awesome personality and motivation for learning .   A great broodmare with tested colors

Coat Colors: Aa Ee Gg CC
Coqueta - Azteca D 
Azteca A 
Out of Zipilli and Coqueta
AMCCRA Registered
DOB: 03/29/2013
Tlami - Azteca D